The solution for fighting against limestone and legionella problems is called Quantum Technology, innovative technological device capable of interacting with water without modifying plant in any way and restoring it to its original purity.

It is a technology based on quantum physic  that use  exclusively natural energies and work without electrical, hydraulic or masonry connection with the purpose of getting better people’s life.


The Domus line satisfy the needs of people and family who lives in flat, apartment, duplex, small and big detached house  and villa with swimming pool.

Domus meet also the necessity of  small business.


The Pro line is designed to provide an important improvement to water features, air and environment  even on large volumes.

Our PRO equipments are installed at public aqueducts, industries, farms, health centers and spa, large condominiums and agriculture on various types of crops (fruit, extensive crops, fourth range, nurses) as well as  at doctors and dentists.


The Hospitality line is designed to offer great savings, complete wellness and tranquility to the accommodation facilities. Hospitality are able to serve, from the small structure like a B & B, small hotel, up to  important facilities including hundreds of rooms, the Camping and the Tourist Village.

Hospitals, private clinics and nursing home can take advantage of Hospitality devices because of its benefits.