technology is being tested by CNR Ispa since 2013 (request documentation).

Biodynamised water from Pro Green results to be more bioavailable and the effects are visible both in terms of vegetative growth and in the best product quality.

Dry Runs conducted on Kiwi Fruits growed with "Quantized" water, compared with the "control" range, report a higher average size, a higher vitamin C content (30%), less oxidative stress on human endothelial cells and longer duration ( shelf-life) of the harvested fruit.

In animal husbandry, the contribution of Pro Green consists in eliminating limestone and biofilm from piping and drinking water.

Available with different capacities.

Range of 30 meters: coverage of 2,800 square meters.

Range of 45 meters: coverage 11,300 square feet (over 1 hectare).

Range of 120 meters: covering 31,400 square meters (over 3 hectares).