It is the ideal solution for condominiums of any size.

Without any hydraulic, electrical and wall-mounted operation, Pro is able to handle the water of the hydraulic systems without any flow limits.

The obvious benefits are seen in the enormous ease of treatment of limestone deposits, the reduction of at least 50% of detergents used and the improvement of the taste of water quality.

In three models, 30, 60, and 100  meters radius.



It is used in all industrial situations that use water, both in the production cycle and in wash cycles.

It Eliminates the problem of incrusting limestone and, in the presence of softeners, they can be driven at shutdown, with considerable economic savings. Its benefits also extend to areas of risk of bacterial contagion such as Legionellosis that are in the bathrooms and showers of employees and customers. Removing limestone and biofilm from pipes greatly diminishes bacterial proliferation.

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