is designed for large scale consumption and for businesses,  offering them heating and plumbing water treatment by installing devices programmed specifically to improve the quality of water consumed in large quantities in terms of chemical, physical and microbiological properties.

In addition to that also air and environment are treated with Pro devices.



  1. Improves the organoleptic characteristics of the water.

  2. Eliminates the problem related to limescale and old encrustations.

  3. Cleans plants from old limestone and biofilm reducing bacterial charges.

  4. Fully harmonizes all the effects of electromagnetic fields and geopathic perturbations 

  5. Operates by harmonising the natural energies and improving the “energy quality” of locations where it is installed noticeably

  6. Energizes environments and make them "lighter" through a negative ionization of the air.

  7. Decreases surface tension by allowing for a significant reduction in detergents, flocculants, algae and chlorine additivation.

  8.  Allows significant savings both in operating costs and in the recovery of plant efficiency.

  9. The “quantised” water aids metabolic processes and the assimilation of mineral salts and trace element

  10. The water, made bio-available from the Pro Green, improves the vegetative appearance of the plants, producing fruit with better characteristics (request details of the experimentation conducted with CNR Ispa) and significantly reducing the parasitic attacks.


Professionists, big companies, Industries, farmers can select among  various types of devices choosing the  right  device  for own business.

It is also possible to make an installation of  multi-purpose devices as PRO  for the same business , planning  periodic inspections.


We suggest to require a visit of our technical staff for getting a personalised solution.

In detail, the PRO’S Line consists of  five  kinds of products that differ  among them  for the  size of  range of action and for the purpose for which  they are made.

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