Safety and hygiene

the first priorities!


is designed to offer great savings, safety and hygiene to the accommodation facilities.

The plant in a hotel or other accomodation is utilized for a number of purposes in direct contact with the guests and affects about the level of service;  so it becomes very important to check them.

Hospitality technology reconcilies and meets the needs for maintenance for hotels and accomodation facilities without any environmental impact.

Devices have been produced to resolve problems in hotels and in  more extensive facilities such as campsites,  tourist villages, wellness centres, spas and swimming pool.

Hospitals, private clinic can utilize Pro for resolve  hygienic problems.

The technology is extremely versatile and adapts to all types of facilities.



  1. Improves the organoleptic characteristics of the water.

  2. Eliminates the problem related to limescale and old encrustations.

  3. Cleans plants from old limestone and biofilm reducing bacterial charges.

  4. Fully harmonizes all the effects of electromagnetic fields and geopathic perturbations 

  5. Operates by harmonising the natural energies and improving the “energy quality” of locations where it is installed noticeably

  6. Energizes environments and make them "lighter" through a negative ionization of the air.

  7. Decreases surface tension by allowing  a significant reduction in detergents, flocculants, algae and chlorine additivation.

  8.  Allows significant savings both in operating costs and in the recovery of plant efficiency.

  9. The “quantised” water aids metabolic processes and the assimilation of mineral salts and trace element

  10. The water, made bio-available from the Device, improves the vegetative appearance of the plants, producing fruit with better characteristics (request details of the experimentation conducted with CNR Ispa) and significantly reducing the parasitic attacks.