1. Does the Quantum product can be dangerous to health as it works by electromagnetism?

No, Quantum isn't dangerous to health; on the contrary Quantum equilibrates, harmonizing all magnetic frequencies such as Hartman's network, Curry's network underground hydrogeological phenomena, underground geological stress tension due to magnetic displacements and even all electromagnetic frequencies emitted by household appliances ( microwave,hairdryer, washine machine and cordless are strong emitters of electromagnetic fields) from computer, telephone and broadcast antenna nearby. Obviously it does not make them dissapear but it harmonizes them, preventing them from harming humans, animals and plants. To demonstrate this it can be notice that after the installation of quantum, the plants grow better, they are most lush and less assaulted by parasites.

Where Can I put in Quantun machine for getting water improvements? Near the counter?

No, Quantum works in a volumetric sphere, so it's best to install it in a central position in the house or in the builgings

In this way, besides improving water quality, you will also benefit from improvements in the quality of air and the environment, through negative ionization and harmonization of all magnetic and electromagnetic radiation.

  1. Does the quantum device reduce the hardness of water ? Where does the limestone leave some sediment?

It does not vanish into nothing but is only transformed into another crystalline limestone form, Aragonite; it does not stand like the usual limestone (called Calcite) on the surfaces but is deposited in the form of semi-transparent powder.

The proof of presence of Aragonite instead of Calcite one can it obtein boiling quantized water in a pan.

When all the water is evaporated, you will find traces of dust that have not adhered to the surfaces and are removed easily.

Equally, you can find Aragonite on the shiny surfaces of bathrooms and kitchens, such as tiles, glassware, faucets, and sanitary ware.

One can easily remove all opaque mark with a dry cloth.

The use of acid detergents is drastically reduced and the taps and chrome plating aren't spoiled

  1. Does the quantum work with the batteries? Everything I have to replace them? Do I have to break the warranty labels to replace them?

Quantum does not run on battery but is powered only by the natural electromagnetic field present on the entire surface of the Earth (in particular the field called "Shumann's Ways", energy present from the planet's birth and completely free of charge

It has no moving internal organs and therefore has no usable parts.

The lifetime warranty is 5 years (2 years for companies with VAT) but in reality its life is


Please do not remove the seals because you will lose the warranty on the product.