for getting better people 's life


is producted specifically for people who live in apartment, villa, detached house, offering them a complete well-being throught the improvement of water, air and environment.

Only one device can serve own living spaces.

DOMUS is a small object, great like a pocket book, which get installed at a definite point of the home or in point of other place.


  1. Improves the organoleptic features of the water as close to the source, obtneinig an healthy water

  2. Eliminates the problem related to limescale and old encrustations.

  3. Cleans plants from old limestone and biofilm reducing bacterial charges.

  4. Aids metabolic processes and the assimilation of mineral salts and trace element

  5. Brings significant savings on heating and maintenance costs.

  6. Decreases surface tension, allowing a significant reduction in the quantity of  detergents used.

  7. Fully harmonizes all the effects of electromagnetic fields and geopathic perturbations such as wi-fi, telephones, etc.

  8.  Improves  the energy of  environments, making  the small smells dissapeared.

  9. Operates by harmonising the natural energies and improving the “energy quality” of locations where it is installed noticeably

  10. Energizes environments and make them "lighter" through a negative ionization of the air and reduces the pollutants where they exist.




For meeting  expectation of family and single Atena manifactured three kinds of products that are different in size for the range of action: