Atena's strategy focuses on


  • emproving it and maintainig   the harmony of nature  as the utmost expression of the quality of life;

  • throught the research on water, its phases of coherence and superconsistency, the study of coherent electrodinamics and fields.

  • by means of energy  harmonisation  of the water



  • offering advance solutions to water ,air and environmental  problems  taking advantage   of the natural energy resources  of the environment  by regenerating the energy of the water 

  • producing Quantum, a device that  use exclusively natural energies and doesn't   require any electrical, hydraulic or masonry connection.

Quantum Technology

is a trademark registered by Atena S.r.l., a technological research and development company.

Atena was born in 2009 by  Italian investors in Italy, Brisighella.

The company, throught  Atena trademark,  is concentrating on establishing itself as a market leader in the panorama of qualified companies in the bioenergy sector.

It employes a team of experts such as researchers, scientist, quantum physics expert, biologists, engineer, architect, doctor,  who keep up to date quantum technology.

The company  is specialized in the treatment of heating and plumbing water, air and environment  for domestic use and use by hotels, accomodation, industry and agriculture.

       our  technical  and scientific team

Luigi Vantangoli

Founder and director of the Quantum Technology project, a researcher in the field of quantum physics applied to improving the quality of life and the environment.

Paolo Renati

Engineer and Material Scientist, Research and Development Manager, Physics Specialist in Physics, Physics and Physical Chemistry, Physics within Consistent Electrodynamics and Quantum Field Theory

Annalisa Guerrini

Biologist,scientific and training consultant.

Emma Francia

Architect, scientific and training consultant